Actualidad, Actual, Actuel, Aktuell, Actueel, Attuale,…

Actualidad, Actual, Actuel, Aktuell, Actueel, Attuale,… LA ISLA DE ENCANTA 44
28 de septiembre de 2004
de 15.00 a 16.00 Radio Circulo 100.4 FM para Madrid y
para el resto del mundo en

K.D. LANG "After the gold rush" [Hymns of the 49th parallel]
(Canada, Nonesuch, 2004)
THE FLATLANDERS "Baby, do you me love still?” [La ruta del Americana]
(USA, Borderdreams, 2004)
JASON RINGENBERG "Tuskegee pride" [Empire Builders]
(USA, Bittersweet, 2004)
STEVE EARLE "F The CC" [Revolution Starts Now]
(USA, Artemis, 2004)
RL BURNSIDE "See what by Buddy done" [A Bothered Mind]
(USA, Fat Possum, 2004)
MARIANNE FAITHFULL "My friends have" [Before the poison]
(Inglaterra, Naive, 2004)
THE DELGADOS "Keep on breathing" [Universal Audio]
(Escocia, Chemikal Underground, 2004)
THE UNFINISHED SYMPATHY "Windmills not giants" [Rock for food]
(España, BCore, 2004)
SUGARCULT "She’s the blade" [Palm trees and power lines]
(USA, Naive, 2004)
GREEN DAY "American Idiot" [American Idiot]
(USA, Warner, 2004)
IKARA COLT "Wanna be that way" [Modern Apprentice]
(Inglaterra, Fantastic Plastic, 2004)
LAGARTIJA NICK "Reina Mab" [lo Imprevisto]
(España, Lagartija Records, 2004)"

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