In the shadow

In the shadow LA ISLA DE ENCANTA 46
19 de octubre de 2004
de 15.00 a 16.00 Radio Circulo 100.4 FM para Madrid y
para el resto del mundo en

JULIE DOIRON "Last Night" [Goodnight Nobody]
(Canadá, Acuarela, 2004)
RACHEL GOSWEL "Gather Me Up" [Waves Are Universal]
(Inglaterra, 4AD, 2004)
LUNA "Speed Bumps" [Rendezvous]
(USA, Jet Set, 2004)
ED HARCOURT "The Storm is Coming" [Strangers]
(Inglaterra, Emi, 2004)
RADIOHEAD "Paranoid Android" [OK Computer]
(Inglaterra, Emi, 1997)
YO LA TENGO "You Can Have It All" [And then no...]
(USA, Matador, 2000)
MORPHINE "Super Sex" [Yes]
(USA, Ryko, 1995)
GIRLS VS. BOYS "Veracruz" [House Of GVSB]
(USA, Touch And Go, 1996)
THE NEW YEAR "Chinese Handcuffs" [The end Is Near]
(USA, Touch And Go, 2004)
HOT HOT HEAT "No Not Now" [Make Up the Breakdown]
(Canadá, Sub Pop, 2003)
PLACEBO "Bruise Pristine" [Placebo]
(Inglaterra, Virgin, 1996)
ECHOBELLY "I Can't Imagine The World Without Me" [Everybody’s Got One]
(Inglaterra, Sony, 1994)
RADIO 4 "State of Alert" [Stealing of a nation]
(USA, EMI, 2004)
PEARL JAM "Whipping" [Vitalogy]
(USA, Sony, 1995)
STEVE EARLE "Revolution Starts Now" [Revolution Starts Now]
(USA, Naive, 2004)

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