In the shadow...

In the shadow... LA ISLA DE ENCANTA 34

1 de junio de 2004

de 15.00 a 16.00 Radio Circulo 100.4 FM para Madrid y
para el resto del mundo en

IT’S NOT NOT “Give It To Me” [Giving Everything!]
(España, B-Core, 2004)
JOSHUA "Perfect Man" [Baggage EP]
(UK, Trece Grabaciones/Engineer Records, 2004)
GOMEZ “These” [Spit The Difference]
(UK, Virgin, 2004)
JETTISON "Avalanche" [Heat Wave]
(Alemania, Aloud Music, 2004)
FRANZ FERDINAND “Matinée” [Franz Ferdinand]
(UK, Domino, 2003)
ATIVIN "Saigon Sleep" [Night Mute]
(USA, Secretly Canadian, 2004)
MADEE "Sparrow" [Songs From Cydonia]
(España, BCore/Cydonia, 2002)
MORRISSEY "Irish Blood, English Heart" [You Are The Quarry]
(UK, BMG, 2004)
ASTRID “Something In My Way” [One In Four]
(UK, Mushroom Pillow, 2004)
HOLLY LERSKI “Everyone’s Lonely” [Life Is Beautiful]
(UK, Sanctuary, 2004)
LORNA "For Hours Light" []
(UK, Pause Music, 200)
BOEDEKKA "Storm the Palace" [The Piper, The Devil, The Poet & The Priest]
(UK, Mushroom Pillow, 2004)
MAGNUS "Summer’s Here" [The Body Gave You Everything]
(Bélgica, Anti/Bulbus, 2004)
AIR "Surfing On Rocket" [Talkie Walkie]
(Francia, Virgin, 2004)
RJD2 "Since We Last Spoke" [Since We Last Spoke]
(USA, Definitive Jux, 2004)

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