In the shadow...

In the shadow... LA ISLA DE ENCANTA 38
29 de junio de 2004
de 15.00 a 16.00 Radio Circulo 100.4 FM para Madrid y
para el resto del mundo en

LUNA “Double Feature” [Penthouse]
(USA, Elektra, 1995)
YO LA TENGO "Today Is The Day" [Today Is the Day [EP]]
(USA, Matador, 2002)
THROWING MUSES “The Field” [Limbo]
(USA, Rykodisc, 1996)
SUPECHUNK “Yeah, It’s Beautiful Here Too” [Here’s Where the Strings Come In]
(USA, Merge, 1995)
GORDON GANO/PJ HARVEY “Hitting the Ground” [Hitting the Ground]
(USA, Instinct, 2002)
REDD KROSS “You Lied Again” [Show World]
(USA,Mercury, 1997)
BUILT TO SPILL “Don’t Try” [Ancient Melodies of the Future]
(USA, Warner Brothers, 2001)
SEBADOH “On Fire” [Harmacy]
(USA, Sub Pop, 1996)
INTERPOL “Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down” [Turn on the Bright Lights]
(USA, Labels, 2003)
THE WHITE STRIPES “The Hardest Button to Button” [Elephant]
(USA, XL, 2003)
(USA, Mute,2003)
THE KILLS “Fried My Little Brains” [Fried My Little Brains[CDS]]
(USA, Domino, 2003)
TOKYO SEX DESTRUCTION “New Magazines” [Black Noise Is The New Sound]
(España, B-Core, 2004)
SUPERSUCKERS “Sugie” [La Mano Cornuda]
(USA, Subpop, 1994)
IT’S NOT NOT “Give It To Me” [Giving Everithing !]
(España, B-Core, 2004)
AINA “Bipartite” [Bipartite]
(España, B-Core, 2001)
PSILICON FLESH “Chezt Pain” [Prime]
(España, Liquid Records, 1995)
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